Merchant Funding Alternative = Merchant Cash Advance

The economy is undoubtedly nearing its worst peak since the depression believe it or not, and although most media outlets claim things are getting better- important economic factors point otherwise. This explains why the rapid growth of the amount of merchant cash advance applications by small business owners is no surprise.
Benefits of Merchant Cash Advance with Citi Wide Merchant Funding:
No collateral required.

Merchant Funding

Both business and personal credit are less of an underwriting factor.
Obtaining the merchant cash advance is purely based on the performance of your business, proven by your credit card processing transaction history.
The amount of cash you receive comes down to how much of your revenue is processed via credit card over a 6 month period; you are advanced an amount off future projected income.

Businesses can be approved for a merchant cash advance with in two days of applying ,  and Citi Wide Merchant Funding typically wires the funds that same week.
Essentially, a merchant cash advance is a purchase of your credit card recievables. This allows Citi Wide Merchant Funding to look at the health of your businesses cash flow and credit card sales as the main determinant for approval.  Typically  a small business is approved for 100-125% of its average monthly sales. The merchant cash advance is automatically re-paid to Citi Wide Merchant Funding over time as a percentage of your future credit card sales.

What if your business does not accept credit cards? Citi Wide Merchant Funding is able to look at your monthly bank deposits and aveage daily balances to determine a fixed payment schedule and payback that is suitable for your small business.
The merchant cash advance program has been utilized by small business owners in several industries. Restaurants have been particularly succesful with the program as banks have cut off lending.
The Citi Wide Merchant Funding Merchant Cash Advance program  in essence gives small  businesses the ability to access working capital when they need it the most. In light of the continuous economic downturn, most small businesses are unable to access credit and merchant funding from traditional retail banks. Citi Wide Merchant Funding has proven itself to be a reliable provider of merchant cash advances and small business loans for over 6 years.

Merchant Cash Advance


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